BlockChain-Based Financial Assistance System

Phase One ICO

30,000,000 Tokens Sale – August 22, 2017 (Extra 10% bonus).

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 New! Earn 50 MRC Tokens when you sign up below.You can deposit money into your account now.and the system will automatically help you to invest when ico open it

Incentive Plan

Earn 50 MRC Tokens when you sign up below.5 MRC ≈ 1 USD at ICO.When a friend signs up using your unique link, you get 50 MRC + 5% of the MRC they buy.You can deposit money into your account now.and the system will automatically help you to invest when ico open it.


We aim to establish a global financial mutual assistance system based on blockchain. As soon as it starts working, it becomes unstoppable due to its decentralized system, not by any government, even we ourselves can’t shut it down.

Distributed ledger systems

Simply put, MavroChain is a peer-to-peer network that timestamps records by hashing them into an ongoing chain of hash-based proof-of-work, forming a record that cannot be changed without redoing the proof-of-work.

Transparency and Decentralization

All Mavrochain transactions are public and transparent and the identity of the people behind the payments is private by default.With no central point of failure such as a data center, attacking the network is a more difficult project.


Nobody could modify the data for profit, no fraud and no malicious blackmail. The automatic running based on blockchain technology in addition to the rule of participating with tokens could completely prevent the acts of the hateful cheater. Therefore, we set up this system based on blockchain and issuing of tokens here for ico. The token holders will get 0-30% profit monthly from the mutual assistant system after its launch.

Mavrochain Future

Blockchain is a brand-new technology. Its future is believed to be as spectacular as the internet. But risks and opportunities coexist in all programs, we suggest that participants use only surplus funds. Participate only with spare money. Don`t contribute all the money you have. Change the world for yourself and your relatives.

What are MRC Tokens?

5 MRC ≈ 1 USD at ICO
MRC Token is voucher for your investment.


MRC Token sale supports blockchain assets across multiple blockchains. Currently supports Bitcoin(BTC), Ethereum(ETH), BitcoinCash(BCC).

Token sales price

#Phase I ICO
22/8/2017 – 31/8/2017
Phase II ICO
15/9/2017 – 25/9/2017
1/10/2017 – 15/10/2017
1 BTC25300 MRC24150 MRC23000 MRC
1 ETH1430 MRC1365 MRC1300 MRC
1 BCC3080 MRC2940 MRC2800 MRC

* Prices vary according to market

June 2017
Launched the MavroChain project

August 15 2017
Launch official website
You can deposit and wait for ICO launch, invest immediately.

August 22 2017
Launch of Bitcoin Loophole trading app
Initial Coin Offering

September 2017

Open PUSH trade system

So you can trade MRC Token

December 2017

Launch test network

Launch of immediate edge software

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